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VSP is a revolutionary company that brings cutting edge technology integrated with 50 years of experience in the healthcare space aimed to service physicians, medical groups and institutional healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care for patients, optimization of physician services, and a complete management of their revenue cycle.

Benefits of Oursourcing with VSP

The Philippines takes the TOP SPOT as the LEADING Offshore Solution Provider in all Asia. Foreign countries find it easier to work with Filipino Virtual Assistants because of 92% Literacy Rate.

Business Flexibility

Quicker Time to Fill your Staffing Needs
Long or Short Term Contracts
Free Up Your Resources
Quickly Scale Up or Efficiently Scale Down


Quickly Scale Up or Efficiently Scale Down

Data Privacy Act 2012- a recently passed legislation, prosecutes businesses and individuals alike, who compromises sensitive information, the same way the HIPAA compliance does in the United States.

Computer Monitoring Software

Our IT Department adheres to strict technological requirements to ensure all equipment and tools are used for the purpose of work and are within industry standards.

Tax & Legal Benefit

Deduction from taxable income of labor expenses.
Tax Deduction equivalent to almost 50% on Training Fees.
Legal risks are transferred to the Outsourcing Provider
Avoid expensive lawsuits or Labor Litigation
  • JULY 2022

  • We assembled a team of committed and knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

  • In 2022, our healthcare entity was established, bringing together a team of adept healthcare professionals including managers, leaders, billers, and nurses. Since our inception, we have expanded our services to an ever-increasing clientele worldwide, ranging from global healthcare organizations to small local practices.

  • JULY 2022

  • We Established an Office based on Reno, Nevada To Provide High-Quality Staffing Services.

  • Thanks to our swift progress, in the same year of 2022, we successfully launched a new office in Reno, Nevada. We also elevated our customer service standards and introduced additional services like credentialing and licensed services.

  • JANUARY 2022

  • We Develop New Solutions for Our Clients to Improve Their Business Strategies

  • VSP expanded into IT Products and Services to customize its own tools and systems dedicated to our clients. This spheres of Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Website Design/ Development, Mobile Application and now, the newest, VAPT(Vulnirability Assessment, Penetration and Testing).


  • To become every Business and Professional’s Trusted and Reliable Staffing

  • Our vision is to provide quality and optimal administrative support to professional and medical companies that is both efficient and affordable to streamline operations end-to-end and allowing us to serve the best for our client. To maximize the improvement of our client's business operations, time management, sales closure and revenue.

IT Services

We Are Increasing Business Success Through IT Solutions

Over 25 years working in IT services developing software application and mobile apps for clients both local and foreign. Vital Solution Partners (VSP) recognizes this urgency and has taken the proactive step of incorporating IT solutions into its repertoire. This strategic move is driven by the profound benefits it offers, not only to VSP itself but also to its valued clientele.

The integration of IT products and services into VSP is a transformative step, promising advantages for both the company and its valued clients. It enhances operational efficiency, fosters innovation, and future-proofs VSP's operations. This move underscores VSP's dedication to excellence and its role as a true partner in client success. With this integration, VSP sets the course for sustained growth, innovation, and exceptional service.

Cloud Server

Seamlessly integrating a powerful Cloud Server, revolutionizing efficiency, accessibility, and security for our clients' data and operations.

Security (VAPT)

VSP fortifies its services by integrating cutting-edge Security (VAPT) solutions, ensuring comprehensive protection for clients' digital assets.

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